Support From MS Public Education PAC

A letter that our office received:

Dear Senator Jackson,
I wanted to share some good news. You will be receiving an additional donation from the Mississippi Public Education PAC for your important primary campaign.  The check was mailed this week, so you may already have received it.
More donations to our PAC from passionate public school supporters has made this possible! We truly look forward to good things happening for public education in our great state because of you.
I have  attached a .pdf and .jpg copy of our “endorsed” logo, should you feel this would be beneficial to include on campaign materials you may create in the upcoming weeks.
Here is a link to your Mississippi Public Education candidate webpage, which we hope your campaign will share with voters and supporters.
As a reminder, there are personalized campaign graphics at the bottom of your webpage, created by the MSPEPAC, that are
yours to download and use for social media, print media, etc.
I am also mailing several hundred additional stickers to you tomorrow, so they should arrive by Wednesday.  
We are so thankful for your commitment to public education in Mississippi.  
Jan RichardsonMSPEPAC Candidate Liaison